Holiday campaign
2023 - Mixed media

I had the incredible opportunity to collaborate with the iconic New York brand, Carolina Herrera, for the enchanting 2023 holiday season. The Herrera Beauty Holiday gift sets feature a celestial touch with zodiac-inspired illustrations adorning each box. Yet, this collaboration is so much more—it's a captivating 360-degree experience, a fusion of magic, good wishes, and boldness in motion!

The artwork is all in movement, creating a feeling that characters are almost melted into each other, resulting in a very organic and vibrant composition. It serves as a reminder that Zodiac signs represent different facets of human behavior and nature, highlighting that we can all be a mix of different types, or even change types depending on the moment of our life.

Inspired by the zodiac painting of Ernest Procter, the signs are beautifully represented dancing around the symbols of the Sun and Moon, with the CH logo at the center. Each sign is accompanied by its name in calligraphy, and the four elements are symbolized in circles positioned at the four corners of the composition.

A ribbon elegantly encircles the entire artwork, enhancing the gifting and holiday mood. Handwritten messages such as Carolina Herrera, Happy Holidays, 2023, and CH grace the ribbon, adding a personal touch to the festive season.

Join me in exploring Carolina Herrera's mesmerizing Zodiac artwork through an enchanting animation, offering a glimpse of the stunning products available this season. Immerse yourself in the captivating display as each Zodiac sign and beauty item gracefully dance around the sun and moon.

The collection comprises exquisite gift set coffrets for various fragrances, a collector's lipstick cap, and a special collector's lipstick set that you see above. Let's celebrate the beauty of the holidays with this unique collaboration, where art and beauty seamlessly come together in a harmonious celebration of the season !

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