Advent Calendar - DIOR

2020 - White ink and Gold painting on black paper

'"Look and listen... Perhaps you will sense the music that made the stars dance into constellations, like this ballet company, with the rhythm of our hearts beating in unison. Perhaps you, too, will join in the dance, a source of happiness!"

I was invited by Dior to celebrate the holiday season at the heart of 30 Avenue Montaigne with the creation of an Advent Calendar like an enchanted night with dancing stars and gold dust. An illuminated deer prances above the Paris rooftops, as the most marvelous ballet takes place in front of the workshop doors, piled high with gifts, where Dior opens the doors to the Atelier des Rêves and reveals its magic beneath a starry sky.

Below, have a glimpse through the creative process inside the sketchbook dedicated to the project with layout, mockup and inspirations !

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