Perfume Labels, Risograph Poster and Evolution Frieze  
2018 - Pen and Indian ink on paper

In 2018 for my third collaboratin with DIPTYQUE I was commissionned to create the illustrations for the 50th anniversary fragrance : labels and a risograph poster. To celebrate it we have worked on Tempo, a patchouli fragrance, with Olivier Pescheux and I designed the illustrations. The idea of a « trip » or « initiatory journey » is the main inspiration. To me this journey had to be a space time panorama without boundaries. So I read some books of biology, geology, and even chemistry to better understand the emergence of life on Earth and that’s it : the illustrations are like an hallucinated vision of it. I have imagined a kind of plasma made of stars, minerals, cells, fossils, animals and plants.
It was one of the most immersive work experience and greatest journey I’ve ever had!
I also made a frieze as a study for my work. I drawn it on a 15 cm X 100 cm book. It is in black and white, ink pen on paper. The owner got it in a custom box.  

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