Perfume Labels
2018 - Pen and Indian ink on paper, computer

In 2018 for my third collaboratin with DIPTYQUE I was commissionned to create the illustrations for the 50th anniversary fragrance : labels and a risograph poster. To celebrate it we have worked on Tempo, a patchouli fragrance, with Olivier Pescheux and I designed the illustrations.
The idea of a « trip » or « initiatory journey » is the main inspiration. To me this journey had to be a space time panorama without boundaries. So I read some books of biology, geology, and even chemistry to better understand the emergence of life on Earth and that’s it : the illustrations are like an hallucinated vision of it. I have imagined a kind of plasma made of stars, minerals, cells, fossils, animals and plants.
It was one of the most immersive work experience and greatest journey I’ve ever had!
Here you can see the animation of the back label, with a snake climbing a volcano and split its magic smog in the air. The volcano is seen as a tree of life or an axis mundi and the snake is the incarnation of the living telluric powers inside the volcano.

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