UX Design Lab  - L’ORÉAL

2021 - Felt pens on paper, computer

I had the opportunity and the privilege to collaborate with Pierre Favresse, a multi awarded designer and the visionary leader steering the UX Design Lab department at L'Oréal, for the creation of an ecard. In this groundbreaking collaboration, Pierre, with his keen eye for design, sought to fuse the worlds of technology and art, reaching out to artists to infuse a touch of creativity into the corporate tradition.

Being familiar with my work, Pierre graciously offered me the chance to be the pioneer in this innovative venture. We chose to work with felts pen to keep it spontaneous and have the little vibration in echoes of fire. The ecard became a canvas for artistic expression, where I had the honor of contributing to the holiday greetings not only for his team but for collaborators throughout the entire group and beyond.

Inspiration came from an essay I read from Carl Gustav Jung “ The secret of the golden flower “Here, fire is the element that transform the matter. I remember that chemistry is the daughter of alchemy and that a part of our civilisation took a big step forward the day we mastered fire to cook.

This project is a testament to the evolving landscape of corporate collaboration, bridging the gap between artistic expression and digital communication. The entirely handmade animation not only carries the warmth of season's greetings but also reflects a harmonious integration of design and technology.

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