Niche Perfume - Branding

2016 - Gouache paintings on paper

Rania J is a perfurmer and nose, working in France. When we met in 2016 she had created her 7th fragrances and had no pictures and nothing to illustrate the beautiful universe she had already created in perfumes. So she asked me to illustrate its olfactory universe, to create art for its beautiful brand, by painting the fragrant scenery of each perfume. This was the lovely challenge that I was given. Often enhanced by notes of Oud wood (this is the signature of this House), each perfume has its fetish ingredient, its unique character, all of which are found of course, in my gouache paintings. Perfume is an amazing medium to tell stories and let our imagination flows. Cuir Andalou was the 7th fragrance, a scent from heaven inspired by the Andalusian culture and traditions of gardens and arts. Dedicated to all your senses this illustration takes you in a trip through ages, you can hear, smell, see and even touch the texture of the fragrance.

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