Size : 47 cm x 47 cm
Unique Piece
Couleurs de Temps series

Terms of sale

“ It’s a freehand work using a rice paste resist, the Tsutsugaki technique from Japan. The boundaries that I submit to myself was to use 100% of natural materials, most of them are eatable! They had to come from the closest place and have the lightest carbon footprint. Only natural indigo extracted from plants was used with a 100% organic vat technique, it’s 100% harmless for the environment. That’s the reason why I used to say that you could almost eat this piece, if only you taste fabrics ! ”

Handmade, hand dyed with 100% natural indigo, 100% organic and natural filling, made in France, in Paris, rue de l’Université, sustainable. Each piece is made by Safia Ouares and is unique. If you want more than one piece at a time you can make a bespoke order on request, it will take within 3 weeks to get your pieces. Color can vary from piece to another but the harmony remains the same as it’s the same pigment and same ingredients are used, then the difference is very subtil.
Pictures colors can vary depending on devices, so please read and watch carefully the descriptions. We pack carefully with love every item and do not accept return. Upon delivery, it is your responsibility to make sure the parcel is in good shape and its content has not been damaged.

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