TAROT DECK : Pick a card !

Brush pen and collage on Paper

Since more than 15 years I am a Visual Storyteller, collaborating with luxury brands and creating emotions through the power of illustrations.

WHAT IS VISUAL STORYTELLING ? We create unique illustrations and/or animations video that tell a story, might they be still pictures or animated ! Each detail is key, has a meaning and a purpose, every element is a symbol, so is colour and composition.

HOW DOES IT WORK ? After we had a chat about your project we start studying the topic through different angles : History, Philosophy, Poetry, Artcrafts even Music, Danse and Movies are considered to write different scripts. Then we select a script to create the final illustrations / animations. This process applies to each of my projects : from branding to tableware designs, to fragrances packaging, merchandising, shop windows, decoration and digital contents.

Beside is an example taken from a series about Tarot. In a Tarot deck we find patterns deeply rooted in the human psyche, the Collective Unconscious as defined by K.G. JUNG. That's the reason why I consider Tarot as a perfect model of the art of storytelling ! Visual Storytelling means each colour and each element of the pictures have a meaning that we can unfold to reach the Collective Unconscious.

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